Process chain

  • Consultation
    A team of qualified sales representatives will find out the needs of the customer and draw up a detailed analysis.

    The information obtained is passed on in the team to internal designers and development staff.

  • Proposal
    The designer processes the information and prepares two proposals for solutions in accordance with needs of the customer.

    On the basis of these proposals, a physical sample and 3D drawings are prepared.

  • Technology
    Preparation of print and cutting tools for the preparation of the package production.

    The production process is initiated after the final approval of the prototype and is followed by a careful quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Completion
    Finished products are shipped disassembled to meet previously agreed deadline, and the packaging is prepared according to the customer specifications.

    Obaly Morava has its own fleet of trucks that uses environmentally friendly CNG fuel following the delivery date confirmation in the just-in-time mode.