About us

Obaly Morava a.s., is among the leading Czech producers of corrugated cardboard and cardboard packaging. The company has been operating in the market since 1996, and it is an exclusively Czech company with Czech capital. Its continuous development and production innovation ranks the company among the top successful and important companies in the Czech market and abroad.

"Our company had modernized and optimized the production processes. Development, purchasing, trade and production were reorganized. Modernization has also affected the logistics sector. From the automatic scheduling of production to the warehouse and the realization of demands, to delivery of finished products to customers. Our own fleet of trucks and road transport allow us to do better planning and meet the capacity demands of customers."
Martin Řehořík,
Chairman of the Board

We are constantly developing and improving packaging solutions. The primary goal of our company is to sustain a high quality standard. We want to ensure that the products reflect the added resale value to our customers and help them to increase their competitive advantage.

CNG Sustainability

"With the use of renewable resources and low CO² emissions, our fleet is even more environmentally friendly and reduces fuel costs by up to 40%."