OM Print (digital printing)

Packages printed with OM Print technology features the best print quality that is currently available in the packaging industry. They can be applied in all industries, but particularly in packaging intended for the end consumer. We thus enable our customers to have their products packaged in attractive packaging, which they will be able to adapt to their marketing activities and quickly developing market demand. Even in small quantities these packages have an attractive manufacturing cost and high utility value, which is given by the option of having each package with a different print.


OM Print®

Preparation costs (blocks, metal masters ...) Only DTP
Speed of implementation (preparation, production, delivery) Instant (only DTP)
Print versions (different designs on the same structure) Easily manageable printing
Customer personalization (different groups of people) Only the preparation of the corresponding data
"Discount" printing (2 + 1, 6 + 2, just 19 CZK, holidays, events) Printing based on data supplied
Attractive design (print quality) Photo quality - excellent result
Mass production (custom mass production) Large, medium and small series