Products made of corrugated cardboard

We offer the custom manufacturing of a complete range of transport and consumer packaging from corrugated cardboard, which consists mainly of cardboard, flap boxes, shaped cut-outs, pads, dividers and internal box equipment.

  • Cardboard boxes and shaped cut-outs

    Are offered in natural brown or white, and can be unprinted or printed with a multi-color flexo print or digital printing. We produce the packaging according to your design, or we can design an optimum bespoke package for you.

  • Cardboard flap boxes

    • glued, not glued , stapled, combined
    • made from one piece format up to 3 m
    • standard flexographic printing with three colors
    • digital printing without using printing plates
  • Shaped cut-outs

    • flat, rotary
    • the subsequent possibility of 1-6 point gluing
    • cut-outs of fixtures, refrigerator and other holes, cut-outs of special shapes and structures
    • standard flexographic printing with up to five colors
    • all types according to FEFCO and atypical shapes
  • Special packages

    • glued, stapled, combined
    • flat and rotary cut-outs
    • standard flexographic printing with five colors
    • bulk packages, boxes for bicycles
    • pallet containers
  • Internal equipment liners, dividers

    Internal packaging equipment such as partitions, dividers, inserts and the like are used for separation and fixation during the handling and storage of goods.

  • Special pads, packing accessories and others

    Cardboard pads enhance stability and have an irreplaceable role in the issue of packaging and protecting products.