XXL Boxes

We specialize in the design and manufacture of large boxes known as XXL packages in a wide range of 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer cardboards. We offer a range of products that have been developed for the packaging of oversized and complex products requiring a large load-bearing capacity or exceptional durability during handling and storage.

Representatives of this category are mainly XXL Boxes, where the cardboard plays an important role. With its parameters, strength and stability it corresponds to all the physical demands of the supply chain and enables considerable protection against mechanical damage. We produce XXL Boxes according to requirements for the functionality of the oversized package.

A big advantage of oversized packaging is the considerable savings in the transport of goods and its storage and limited damage during transport, which is ensured by the strength and stability of this product line. With an oversized package you can pack any product universally, regardless of its size and shape. XXL Boxes and other industrial oversized packages are made from renewable resources, they are 100% recyclable and all our packages meet the international standards of the FEFCO.

Technical description

  • Available in a wide range of three-layer and five-layer corrugated cardboard variations.
  • They are custom-made according to the size and functional requirements.
  • Usually in sizes of about 10 to 22.5 square meters.
  • At disposal there are protective cover layers such as abrasion resistant layers or waterproof outer layers.
  • We offer not only a high-quality flexo print for the promotion of a product and brand, but also the option to combine the advantages of digital printing and this XXL package.
  • Packages can be glued, stapled or combined.


  • Damage is limited during transport due to the strength and stability of our products.
  • Economical in terms of transport and storage for larger pack sizes.
  • Increased sales thanks to a better visibility of products with the print
  • Environmentally friendly - made from renewable resources and 100% recyclable.
  • Versatility for packing any product - regardless of size or shape.
  • Speed in reaching the market - the flexible production process can help to reduce the inventory in the factory.


  • drinks
  • confectionery
  • baked goods
  • flowers
  • electronics
  • furniture
  • tobacco products
  • consumer goods
  • automotive industry
  • industrial goods


Usage of oversized cardboard packaging is increasing in the area of transport packaging of bulk materials, granules or small single-part semi-finished products and the transportation of chemical products.

They are high-strength packages, which are produced mainly from 5-layer and 7-layer corrugated cardboard. Octabins feature a hexagonal cross-section with two parts. The upper part of the package (lid) is slipped over the lower part (bottom), or both parts are slipped onto the body of the package. The typical use of octabins (due to its specificity) is transport and storage of bulk materials, granules, PET materials, pellets etc.).

Other important functional properties of these packaging boxes include very good damping properties and the elasticity of the material at a relatively high degree of stability. Packages are reliable and safe to handle and transport, and they protect goods during various weather changes.

We produce packaging for bulk, group, transport, which ensures safe transport and thus prevents any possible damage to the product during handling and transport.

Materials used:

  • Casing
    •five-layer / seven-layer corrugated cardboard
    • five-layer corrugated cardboard - the possibility of using reinforcing (tightening) tapes
  • Bottom and lid
    • three-layer / five-layer corrugated cardboard


  • consumer goods
  • chemical industry
  • automotive industry
  • industrial goods

All these parameters are met by the packages produced by our company.
All package types comply with the international standards of the FEFCO.